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Teams to do Good

We believe that when businesses do good, they do great. Through our experiences with domestic and international travel to do good programs, we are excited to introduce Teams to do Good, a team building travel program that uses volunteerism as a powerful catalyst for change.

Now more than ever, it makes good business sense to connect with clients, employees, and key stakeholders in this way. It shows the community that you care, creates customer loyalty, enhances the corporate brand, and improves employee morale.

Our objective is to connect socially conscious individuals, work groups and teams to innovative volunteer opportuntities that inspire and develop the best in human potential through service learning, participatory philanthropy and team work. Our services include uncovering the cause that connects best to your current CSR strategies, as well as specific activities that will get participants excited to give back. We also research donation opportunities that will make an impact on the selected organization.

Last but not least, we handle all aspects of the volunteer activities, including research, project selection, onsite management, pre-briefings, and debriefings.