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Travel Ambassador Program

Lead - Travel - Serve - Save

Do you love traveling the world?

Are you interested in ways to give back to local communities?

Do you have a network of people who would be interested in traveling with you on your next adventure?

Join the Travel to do Good Ambassador Program!

How does it work?

1)      Fill out an interest form below detailing your ideas.

2)      One of our representatives will reach out to find out more about where you are interested in traveling and what kind of group you would like to bring with you. They will also provide additional information about the destination of choice and trip options.

3)      Talk to your network! Ambassadors need a group of travel companions for each trip.

4)      When you have a group on board, finalize your itinerary and group payments with our travel planning experts.

5)      Travel for free as the group leader and have the experience of a lifetime with Travel to do Good!

What is a “group”?

For us, a group is you plus ten additional travelers. This can be a bonding trip for you and your four closest friends or a family reunion. It can also be a group of like-minded colleagues who want to spend some time outside the office giving back or a community trip that you open to all your yoga students. Volunteer and social impact projects are great ways to bond, promote team spirit, and deepen existing relationships. Whichever group you would like to bring, we will support you in making this trip memorable and impactful for everyone.

What is required?

–          Passion for volunteering, social impact, or travel

–          Access to a network of friends, family, colleagues, or affiliate group

–          Excellent communication with our travel advisors to ensure a smooth planning process

The best part?

YOU choose the trip, YOU choose your travel partners, and YOU travel for free!

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