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About Us

Our Mission

When you Travel to do good, shared immersive experiences and curated content educates, empowers, enlightens and connects participants around the world.

Live Face to face and virtual online experiences are custom designed to allow for both personal and professional transformation and growth.

Powered by the Affinity Travel Group, we highlight the diversity of our world by providing unique opportunities to share values through storytelling and immersive experiences that focus on culture, art and history. When we recognize the beauty of humanity we get to celebrate the unique gifts and talents we all possess.

Our Core Values

We are Global Citizens, Servant Leaders and Change Agents. As Social Entrepreneurs, we use entrepreneurial principles to address social issues.

Our core values provide a foundation for everything that we do and are at the heart of our organization’s guiding principles. We believe that when businesses do good, they do well, as social responsibility is an intricate part of our company DNA.

Inclusion, Oneness, Diversity
Equality, Community, Globalism
Conscious Capitalism