About Us

Travel To Do Good

Our mission is to use travel as a powerful catalyst to do good. We make a positive impact on the environment, society, and economies of the destinations around the world through responsible and sustainable tourism programs and practices.

Through this work, we continue to highlight the diversity of our world as well as our role as global citizens. By providing unique opportunities to share values through culturally immersive virtual travel experiences that focus on history, art and culture we continue to celebrate the beauty and oneness of humanity through travel exploration.

VISA - Virtual Interactive Study Abroad

Our Travel to do good VISA is our new virtual interactive study abroad program that is great for students and lifelong learners. It promotes understanding, diversity and inclusion and puts the interaction with local people at the heart and soul of the destination experience.

VISA Programs
– A Day In the Life
– Cultural Immersion Experience
– Discover (Destination)
– Field Trip
– Language Immersion
– Service Learning

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