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Thoreau wrote, “I suggest that we no longer define education abroad strictly as students literally crossing national borders. Rather, we should conceive of it as an educational framework that promotes the mobility of students’ minds — minds engaged in confronting other cultures and worldviews that help overcome their biases.”

Perfect for remote learners, and online students, our impact travel programs are now available virtually.

Virtual impact travel allows participants to engage in the life and culture of a destination through shared learning, storytelling, interactive panel discussions, workshops, master classes and even volunteering. Our in house educational team customize virtual itineraries to enhance existing curriculum while simulating the study abroad experience.

We curate amazing programs from around the world and also work with non-profits, travel partners, local business entities and host families to create authentic virtual experiences. Your hosts will share their history, heritage and culture through educational experiences that connect you to the heart of the destination experience. Virtual travel itineraries come to life through the use of live streaming, 360 degree cameras and other virtual reality technologies.

Open your mind and heart to a new way to learn and explore. For more information or a customized quote, contact us here

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