Volunteering Opportunities for British Travelers

The Telegraph journalist Oliver Smith places Paraguay at the top of list in terms of the fastest growing number of international tourists per year. This central South American nation realized its travel potential – a 97% growth, to be exact – thanks to its concerted effort to put a premium on the industry. It also helps that there are a plethora of local destinations where all types of explorers can take part in a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Paraguay is a country with plenty of natural areas. Among the famous activities are zip lining, rappelling, and hiking through untouched forests. Some travelers also opt for excursions and fishing tours. However, at the back of all these leisure activities, the nation offers an opportunity unlike any other. It presents tourists a chance to be part of something larger, more significant than these basic getaways.

Even though annual numbers reflect only a few British citizens visiting Paraguay, the United Kingdom is still one of the rare European countries that take volunteering sincerely. Based on statistics by the UK Civil Society Almanac about 15.2 million, or 29% of adults, volunteer at least once every month.

With that being said, if you’re a proud Brit who wants to be part of this growing number and, more importantly, a greater cause, here are a couple of things to remember before doing volunteer work in Paraguay.


Although it now sits in third spot, a tad behind Germany and Sweden, the British visa-free score is still way up there, according to the updated Passport Index. Of the 175 countries you can fly to without a visa, Paraguay holds one of them – granted you’ll stay no longer than a month and a half. In spite of this travel perk, you, of all people, should know, the same can’t be said when it comes to another aspect of the vacation industry.



Let’s assume you’re flying out from London Gatwick, one of the UK’s foremost and busiest airports. By now you should – at the very least – have an idea on how packed it is, whether it’s the airport in general or its car parking spaces. An obvious way to go around this is by pre-booking an airport parking spot one or two days prior to your flight.  Parking4Less suggests reserving an equally efficient Gatwick hotel with parking option – especially if you have an early or late night flight to catch.


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