Travel to do Good 2.0 Volunteer Travel Remix

For those of you who know me, you are aware of my dream for sharing my passion of  volunteer travel with the world.  I so enjoy assisting people in this way.  For me this dream and vision has been realized as

Recently, some of you have traveled to do good to destinations in South Africa, Ghana, Jamaica and Peru to name a few.  Peru Volunteers
Thank you for traveling to do good, attending our meet up events, volunteering locally as well as making donations to  some of our volunteer non profit   partners in both the US and abroad.  THANK YOU for your support.  Like most small businesses the concept of traveltodogood started from my kitchen table 9 years ago after a layoff from Idearc Media (formerly Verizon Communications)  If you see my profile on linked in you will notice the word formerly is used a lot as I have worked for one media company for over 14 years that has had at least 5 name changes. If there is one thing that life has taught me and one thing I am certain of….. it is change.  I like to believe that the one thing that has remained constant throughout the years of personal and professional  changes, is my desire to serve.  Travel to do good has been an amazing platform from which to do so.

While change in some forms can be frightening, change often times is good.  With that said will be undergoing some major changes between now and the end of the year.  For us that expansion and change means more domestic and international volunteer travel trips, more events, more local activities……in other words more ways to serve.  As we add more content to our site, we will also add more travel partners as well as more opportunities to connect to other like minded people who want to be a beneficial presence on the planet.

With that said, as we move into what will be known as Travel to do good 2.0, it is time to help our baby to crawl, walk and eventually run.

The best is yet to come and WE are excited about the possibilities.

Roslyn Parker

Chief Experiences Officer

PS:  If you are a non profit organization or volunteer travel tour operator, and would like to learn more about how you can partner with us, contact us here

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