One-of-a-kind Healing Safaris in Africa help you nurture your health and wellness while journeying through the stunning natural landscapes of Tanzania.  This cultural immersion tour offers so much more than a traditional wildlife safari.  A Healing Safaris is designed to take you on a journey of mind, body and spirit. This is the ultimate experience of beauty, inspiration and rejuvenation you can find.

Your cultural immersion journey begins in consultation with Dr. Tanya Pergola who co-creates the itinerary with Maasai elder and traditional healer Lekoko Ole Sululu. You can explore issues such as achieving your optimal weight, de-stress, overcoming addiction, detox, and healing family problems. Or, you can simply relax into primordial African nature and receive an adventure of a lifetime.

A Healing Safari includes follow-up when you return to your home country to assist you in integrating newfound mind-body wisdom into your daily lifestyle.

Travel Dates:  December 4-13 2016
Alternative dates are also available

Day 1 – Welcome to Tanzania!

Arrive evening time at Kilimanjaro International Airport from Amsterdam. You will be met at the airport and driven in bush vehicles through Arusha National Park to Hatari Lodge. You enjoy a nourishing welcome dinner before retiring to sleep after the long flight.

The drive and approach to Hatari Lodge is remarkable. You leave the tarmac road and the frenetic town behind and slowly enter the trees, bush and even the jungle. Colobus monkeys jump around in the trees above you and giraffes greet you upon entrance to the lodge. You feel your energy calming down, connecting to the earth. You sense you are immediately at your new home, in Africa. Personal friendly staff show you to your room, which is beautiful and cozy. The bathrooms are very large and the walk-in shower with stone walls is luxuriously natural. All meals are made with local, fresh ingredients and the chef caters to all food sensitivities. During the warmer season, breakfast is served outdoors overlooking the meadow. There is nothing like having your morning coffee or tea overlooking the view of Mt. Kilimanjaro and eating your fruits and toast while the giraffes, just a few feet away, are eating their leaves. There are ample spots for both personal meditation and yoga practice as well as peaceful spots for group sessions and outdoor massage. The lodge is convenient to the main international airport yet very quickly, your long flight becomes a distant memory and you become present to East Africa.

Accommodation, Hatari Lodge

Day 2 – Yoga with Giraffes and Meditating with Flamingos

Morning yoga practice, gentle and stretchy to work out the kinks from the long plane ride. Opening group meditation. We eat a healthy and delicious breakfast together overlooking the meadow and giraffes before gathering for a briefing for our journey ahead. We then depart for Momella Lakes so you can see hundreds of flamingos rising to the sky with their pink color and you may also see hippos and giraffes in their natural habitat. You will enjoy a picnic lunch at Majo waterfalls. Return to the lodge for a rest before heading out to Boma la Megi for a sundowner meditation and yoga practice with a magnificent view of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Dinner at the lodge.

Accommodation, Hatari Lodge

Day 3 – Migrate to the Migration

Morning meditation and yoga practice followed by a delicious healthy brunch. We then depart Hatari Lodge for a scenic drive to West Kilimanjaro airstrip. From there we fly to the Serengeti. The Serengeti Ecosystem is home to one of the largest and diverse concentrations of wildlife. We will witness the famous migration of nearly two million wildebeests, zebras and antelopes. The drive from the airstrip to camp is through landscapes where you have a chance to see elephants, lions, cheetahs and leopards. We stay at the luxurious Chaka Camp nestled in the bush. In the afternoon we have time to relax and settle in before an evening yoga class followed by dinner.

Accommodation, Chaka Camp: Chaka Camp is a seasonal camp located in the Ndutu area from December till March, then relocates to Western Serengeti from May to June, and to Northern Serengeti from July through November. No trip to Africa, and Tanzania in particular, is complete without visiting the Serengeti. The word ‘camp’ is nothing like traditional camping, Western-style. This is truly, Out-of- Africa style luxury camp, meaning, you live in a full-sized room, sleep in a regular comfortable bed with duvets and pillows, and even have a proper sink, toilet and shower! Yes, the walls are made of thick canvas and your warm water shower is prepared for you by camp staff, but this all adds to the fact that you are in the bush! There are no thick concrete walls and over-the-top modern technology to block you from the sights, smells and sounds of Mother nature. You wake to the sounds of a plethora of birds greeting you and look out at the sunrise on the African savannah either from bed, or from a meditation chair. The food is delicious and the chef caters to all food sensitivities. Wildlife viewing is some of the best in the world. This is where to see the migration when the time is right. After a couple of days here, your mind-body gets truly in synch with the rhythms of nature and you feel at ease and in the flow. It is amazing.

Day 4 – Walking Meditation and Mind-Body Wisdom

Description: It’s time to reflect on tradition! Whether during a walk with the Maasai warriors or a hunt with the Hadzabe Bushmen, you will learn from their traditions that they have gathered over hundreds of years in the Serengeti. On your walk with our competent guides, you will discover how hard we are trying to conserve the natural ecosystem and why. You will come to experience a genuine bush experience with those who know and understand the nature of the Serengeti.

For this experience, we will be using one hundred thousand hectares of Nature Reserve and also have access to another 600,000 hectares of beautiful land.
You will instantly notice the difference between a walking safari and safari by car. Your senses in the car were more cumbersome, whereas on foot, they will all be activated and noticing so many more signs of the wild. Your entire perception of the bush will be changed, and you will feel a whole new intimate connection with the surrounding nature.

Activity: In the morning, we meet for a walking meditation with a Bushman guide where we can feel the pulse of the earth. We enjoy a brunch after our walk. In the afternoon, Dr. Tanya will teach a workshop on understanding your own mind-body constitution and how you can stay in balance using ancient wisdom traditions and practices. Late afternoon yoga practice is followed by time for relaxing and dinner.

Accommodation: Chaka Camp

Day 5 – Meditation amidst the Migration

Description: The Maasai – Mara / Serengeti Ecosystem is home to the largest diverse concentration of wildlife and famous for the migration of nearly two million Wildebeests, Zebras, and Antelopes. In addition to that, large elephant herds wander amidst the migrating herds as the hunters of the steppe, the lions, leopards and cheetahs, prepare for the next hunt. There is no other place in Africa where one can experience this safari spectacle! Between December and March, millions of Wildebeests arrive on the southern steppes after the fresh rains to enjoy the new grass. The landscapes north of the Mara River are a huge contrast to the steppes with their rocky hills, huge fig trees, small valley and winding rivers. It is here, when the migration crosses the Mara River between July and November, where one of the greatest spectacles occurs as crocodiles overeat and lions and leopards hunt amidst the large herds.

Activity: Today we depart early morning for a game drive. We will have our group meditation on the Serengeti plains before our breakfast picnic. After a full day of wildlife viewing we return to camp for evening yoga class before dinner.

Accommodation: Chaka Camp

Day 6 – Talking to Your Nature

Description: By today, you will most likely begin to feel completely in-synch with nature and her rhythms. It is now a great opportunity to really listen to your own internal rhythms and become aware of how they sound to you. While your own daily life back in your home village may look very different from the external landscape of the Serengeti, your inner landscape is the same. What daily practices can you begin to integrate into your lifestyle back home that will enhance your health and happiness? How do indigenous peoples resolve conflicts in their families and communities? What do the sights and sounds of primordial nature teach us? And, ultimately, how are we all intricately linked together with wildlife and ecosystems on this planet and how does it happen that when we transform ourselves, we help transform the world?

Activity: In the morning, we meet for a walking meditation with a Bushman guide. We enjoy a brunch after our walk. Dr. Tanya will teach a workshop on knowing yourself, emotional freedom, and conflict resolution using ancient wisdom traditions and practices. You have a chance to meet with a laiboni, a Maasai spiritual healer. Late afternoon yoga and mediation practice is followed by time for relaxing and dinner.

Accommodation: Chaka Camp

Day 7 – Transfer to the Top of the World

We begin the day with meditation followed by our yoga practice. After breakfast we are transferred to the Maswa airstrip for our flight from the Serengeti back to West Kilimanjaro airstrip. We arrive at the luxurious Maasai Shu’mata Camp for lunch. In the afternoon we visit a boma, a traditional Maasai village and then practice our meditation and yoga on the natural salt pans on the savannah. In the evening, we enjoy a night game drive followed by dinner and rest.

Accommodation, Shu’mata Camp: This is the best place to stay in the heart of Maasailand, the traditional homeland of the indigenous Maasai people of East Africa. You are nestled up on a hilltop overlooking the ‘old’ Africa landscape, before modern development. Your luxury tent gives you peace and comfort, while you are surrounded by the wildlife and Maasai communities. There is nothing like taking a hot outdoor shower while looking up at the spectacular star-filled African sky! The meals are amazing and the chef caters to all food sensitivities. The Arabic-inspired sitting lounge is a perfect spot for group meditations and there are a number of amazing spots to practice yoga while feeling the spirit of the wildlife and the Maasai infuse you. The land is full of plants traditionally used by the Maasai for healing, and the views from the hilltops are beyond inspiring. Shu’mata actually means ‘at the top of everything’ in Maa, the language of the Maasai, and finishing your journey in Tanzania at this camp truly does make you feel like you are on top of this world.

Day 8 – Yoga and Maasai Naturalist Walk

Description: Water is more precious than diamonds in an area as dry and arid as the Sinya Steppe. The Maasai living in this area are constantly threatened by drought and often have to carry water from distances of many kilometers. Most of the Maasai living in this steppe in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro do not have permanent access to drinking water, it is often difficult, sometimes even impossible, to find water for livestock or domestic use. Every day, Maasai women and girls have the daunting task of locating and transporting water to their homes and villages.

“The Maasai have to return to being the guardian of nature. To us, the land came first, then came the animals, and in the end came man. Balance is the key word – balance with nature, but also a new balance for the Maasai people, between old and new. Let’s protect the environment.” (Ole Molloimet – Maasai Elder)

Activity: Morning meditation overlooking Mt. Kilimanjaro followed by our yoga practice. After our morning yoga we will once again enjoy the knowledge and company of the Maasai on a naturalist walk through The Sinya area. In the afternoon, you have a chance to relax, journal and reflect and an opportunity to receive a massage from a trained therapist associated with Shu’mata Camp.

Day 9 – Walking Meditation in the Footsteps of Elephants

Description: This barren land, scattered with “islands” of old acacia forests and seasonal swamps flank the pans of the ‘embosel’ ecosystem which stretches to the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is this region, away from the busy tourism areas of northern Tanzania, where the elderly elephants retreat to spend their final years – in peace and harmony and away from the maddening crowds. On foot with Maasai warriors or in open-top game-drive vehicles we get within arms reach of Africa’s largest mammals. Timeless moments. Sensing the great peace and beauty of these magnificent creatures and calmly sharing the habitat with the Maasai and their cattle, a true original part of Africa.

Activity: Early morning we leave for a scenic drive to Sinya community and are guided by a Maasai ranger ‘in the footsteps of elephants’, a walking meditation that will connect us in with the majestic elephants and bring healing to both ourselves and to the elephants, during this time of crisis in their community. We practice our yoga on the natural salt pans, enjoy a breakfast picnic and return to camp in time for lunch. In the afternoon, you have a chance to relax, journal and reflect and an opportunity to receive a massage from a trained therapist associated with Shu’mata Camp.

Day 10 – Final Healing Session

Today, our final day together, we will close our journey with group meditation, yoga practice and discussion. Our final meal together will be a celebration and closing ritual. We will then be transferred to the airport for our flights home.

All Inclusive Program Package includes 5 star accommodations, airport transfers,  local transportation, all meals and tours as indicated

Per Person Double Occupancy    $8800
Optional Single Supplement    $880

Upon arrival in Tanzania, Dr. Tanya and Sululu will guide you on a profoundly peaceful journey that includes:

  • yoga and meditation practice in stunning settings
  • meetings with spiritual healers
  • wildlife exploration
  • delicious organic food from local farms
  • participation in Maasai community rituals and ceremonies tailored to your interests

Gratuities and any items of a personal nature are not included

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