Located in St. Johns Parish, the Source Farm is a multi-cultural, multi-generational, intentional eco-village and farm.  This a family volunteer vacation that combines service and learning.   The Source Farm foundation and and community is commitment to natural living, holistic health, organic farming, gardening, educational sharing, ecological and social stewardship.  Your accommodations will be at one of the Earth bag homes.  Meals at the Source Farm are healthy and nutritious and consist of fruits and vegetables grown and at the farm.

Day 1
Welcome and Orientation

The Source Farm is a working farm located in its own development in St. Thomas, a part of St. Johns Parish.  In addition to the working farm, the During your orientation you will meet members of the Source Farm community, including Peace Corp workers, volunteers, employees and several families who call it home.

Day 2 thru 5 
AM- Volunteer at the school

The day begins early at the farm.  After breakfast volunteers will head over to the school that is located on the farm. This years summer school theme will center on character building and folk lore.  Primary age students will construct musical instruments and theater sets that will be used in a play.  Volunteers will also assist teachers and will also be responsible for greeting children and having them get ready for the days activities.

PM- After lunch Volunteering at the farm

Post lunch farm activities, include planting seeds, transplanting, weeding, watering and harvesting.

The Source Farm grows a variety of fruits, vegetable and herbs.  Availability varies by season and current inventory.

Calaloo Potatoes Scallion
Pak Choi Coco Thyme
Collard Greens Yellow Yam Oregano
Swiss Chard Sweet Potato Dill
Cabbage White Yam Parsley
String Beans Coconut Basil
Okra Jelly Coconut Mint
Cherry Tomatoes Ackee Ginger
Plum Tomatoes Breadfruit Garlic
Salad Tomatoes Peas Cilantro
Jamaica Small tomatoes Beans Chew Stick
Green Bell Peppers Seasonal Cinnamon Leaves
Scotch Bonnet Peppers Oranges Nutmeg
Stand Up Chilli Peppers Pear Sorrel
Carrots Mango French Thyme
Pumpkin June Plum
Cucumbers Apple
Turnips Sweet Sop
Beets Sour Sop

Day 6

On Saturday, volunteers will head over to the farmers market for a day of  selling produce.

Day 7
Departure Day

Its been a full week, but all good things must come to an end.  You say good bye to new friends that have been made and step into tomorrow with a suitcase full of memories.

Per Person Double Occupancy    $1150
Optional Single Supplement    $385
Children 12 and under    $499

Travel Style:  Basic 
Limited Wifi, No hot Water, Separate bath


More about the Source Farm Foundation

The Source Farm Foundation (SFF), our partner in Jamaica, has been working for the past two years to provide training in Permaculture, organic farming, farm economics, and market development for young and beginning farmers.  Ten individuals have completed the first round of trainings (One One Coco program) and have begun working together to fill the gap in organic production.  Jamaica’s first “Organic” market, Ujima Natural Farmers Market was launched by the SFF in February 2014 in Kingston to provide an economic outlet for these early producers.  Demand is already outstripping supply at that market. SFF has developed strong linkages with the Jamaica Organic Agriculture Movement (JOAM), the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (the Government of Jamaica’s extension service), as well as practicing small organic farmers around the country and parish.

The Jamaican Sustainable Farm Enterprise (JSFE) builds on this foundation by linking Southeastern U.S. organic farmers and permaculturists with their Jamaican counterparts with the intention of enhancing the development and adoption of Permaculture and organic farming systems and the business models that are necessary for small Jamaican farmers to succeed financially, socially, and environmentally.


The goal of this project is to help build local, ecologically based, disaster resistant organic food systems in Jamaica through technology transfer and management expertise that links farmers to markets.  The JSFE will develop market driven organic production, certification, and distribution systems for agricultural products that will sustainably reduce food insecurity and poverty.   Small landholder farmers and existing organic producers will increase their food production and farm management skills while enhancing the natural resource base and building disaster resistant agricultural environments by adopting Permaculture and Organic Farming (POF) systems.


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