The Beauty for Ashes Project

Nic 2014 boy at trash dump

The Beauty For Ashes Project is a certified 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.  They serve impoverished communities and children in Managua Nicaragua.

The organization was founded in 2012 by North Carolina native, Kara Westermann, when she was 28 years old. At the very core of their mission, is a deep beliefthat every person no matter how destitute or broken, has something of value to give to this world- a beautiful purpose that they want to help others uncover. In doing the work they were called to do, their goal is to inspire others through the stories and individuals they are able to bring from darkness into light.

The Beauty for Ashes Project provides programs and services to several trash dump communities including; Nueva Lavita, La Chreca, Las Banderas and Los Jicaros. The trash dumps consist of mountains of trash and garbage burning in several areas. As the trash breaks down, it emits methane gas and this causes random fires to ignite. Animals, children and adults wander throughout. Vultures usually circle above in the smoke-filled sky.  During dry season it is hard to breathe.

Kara Wasterman

I had the opportunity to meet Kara during a recent trip to Nicaragua.  Our goal was to identify a travel to do good program partner in Nicaragua.  I had heard about her work for over a year.  Like many, I meet on this path, Kara is passionate, caring and committed to serving others.  She left her home, a business and her family to follow her heart and to do the work she says she has been called to do.

Kara describes her work as “very organic.”  She goes right into the heart of the matter; right into the trash dump communities to bring support, medical aid, food, resources and love .  Yes, I said trash dump.  Many of these are communities are located at the trash dump/land fill site or are very close to them.  Men, women and children pilfer through the trash looking for items that can be sold for money.

Nicaragua Sept 2014 teddy bear

Nic 2015 woman at trash dump

There have been more than just recyclable bottles and cans that have been pulled from the site, Kara and her organization have rescued children from the land fill as well.  Some children had been abandoned there.  They wandered around in filth and trash simply looking for something to eat.



Nicaragua children going to schoolThe future looks bright.  With the support of financial and in kind donations from volunteers, the Beauty for Ashes Project has been able to support the following programs;   Community Feeding – Distribution of Clothing/Shoes – School Backpack Program – Water Project- Prison Ministry.  

The scholarship program has also provided funding for 12 students to attend school.

We are honored to assist them in making a difference

Nic 2014 little girl

Please save the date and join us as we travel to do good to Managua Nicaragua Dec 3-8 for a special holiday program for the children of the Nueva Lavita Community.  We hope to see you there.  If you are unable to make it you can still make a tax deductible donation to the Beauty for Ashes Project by visiting their website.

For more information contact us at or call us at 888-416-7040




More Ways to Help

Make a tax deductible cash or in kind donation

Donation Wish List Scholarship

School Supplies and Backpacks, Children’s Vitamins, Basic First Aid Items, Used Laptops, Personal Care Items including toothpaste, soap and shampoo, Spanish language bibles and books, Children’s Clothing & Shoes (with emphasis on items for boys ages 8-14) Sports Equipment Seeds/Garden tools for community garden,

Items for upcoming Holiday Event

Travel to do good – Travel to Managua and give of your time and talent.  Be on the ground, in country and make a difference when you travel.

Amplify – Be a voice for those whose story needs to be told. Be educators. Use your social media platforms to evoke change and inspire.

Donate – Give not only your time and talents but also gifts.  Please give what you can. Invest today in restoring lives.

Pursue – You have a gift or special talent that needs to be shared. Pursue your passions and share them with the world. We need you to shine your light!

Pray – The organization humbly ask for prayer so that they would have wisdom, protection and provision.

Support – Host a fundraiser at your school or office. Dream big and join in the movement.

Remain – Stay plugged in to all that Beauty For Ashes Project is doing. Join their blog, like them on Facebook and sign up for their monthly newsletter.





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