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Roslyn Parker : President and CEO

Roslyn Parker

President and CEO

Roslyn is President and CEO/Chief Experiences Officer of the Affinity Travel Group, a boutique lifestyle travel change agency that connects travelers to the life, history, people and culture of their chosen destination through unique and distinctive travel experiences. Roslyn also creates and manages life-changing opportunities for participants to travel to do Good, through volunteer travel partnerships around the world. Travel to do Good is a signature program of the Affinity Travel Group and Affinity Partners Consulting.  As an Independent Meetings Consultant with American Express Global Business Travel, Roslyn also provides expert meeting planning services for corporate clients and affinity groups.

Throughout her professional career Roslyn has also worked in sales management for Fortune 500 companies including, DexMedia/Supermedia, Verizon Information Services, HBO/Time Warner, Where Travel Magazine and Bell Atlantic. While at Verizon, she was an award winning sales leader, who was also known as the Chief Environmental Officer because of her infectious desire and spirit to create a winning environment for employees to grow and excel.  During her tenure at Verizon, she also spearheaded a number of cause related community outreach events and initiatives that focused on domestic violence awareness and reading literacy.

As an avid traveler and voluntourist Roslyn has led and coordinated group travel in North America, the Caribbean, South America, Central America, Asia, Europe and Africa.  As a travel and marketing consultant, Roslyn has worked with a variety of clients including, Metro Transit Authority of Harris County, Stanford University, Airline Ambassadors, Kids for Kids, The Government of Senegal – FESMAN Arts Festival, The Law Offices of Willie Gary, Carnival Caribbean Festival, Western Union, The City of Miami Mayor’s Office and the Haitian Cultural Awareness Festival.  She has volunteered and served on the board of Dress For Success Miami and is also the former President of the Safespace Foundation-Miami.

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To contact Roslyn directly call 954-649-2922

Email: roslyn@traveltodogood.com

Debbie Nyman : Staff Writer

Debbie Nyman

Staff Writer

Debbie Nyman has been a writer since her days in elementary school.  Originally a Jersey Girl, Debbie moved to South Florida in her teen years and fell in love with tropical living.

Debbie studied journalism at the University of  Florida and University of Central Florida.  She has written for various magazines and web-sites over the past thirty plus years.   She specializes in lifestyle topics, including travel, parenting, dining, philanthropy, horse racing and local issues.

Debbie has interviewed athletes, politicians and celebrities as well as civic leaders and local people of interest. She recently conducted interviews over Skype to Africa for Travel to Do Good assignments.

Debbie is based in South Florida, is married and has 2 adult children.  Her hobbies include running marathons.  In addition to her passion for travel, Debbie is obsessed with social media and her new dog, Beckham.

Email: debbie@traveltodogood.com

Joycine Guerra : Group Travel Specialist

Joycine Guerra

Group Travel Specialist

Group Travel Specialist, Joycine J. Johnson-Guerra is passionate about travel and sharing the opportunities for personal growth and expansion that travel can bring.  She has led group travel programs to a variety of domestic and international destinations and has also conducted a women’s empowerment workshop for victims of domestic violence while traveling to do good in South Africa.

Additionally, Joycine has been a valuable member of South Florida’s beauty and fashion industry for over 20 years.  Known in the industry for her innovation and creativity as a cutting edge stylist, she has the innate ability to work with the inner and outer beauty of her clients while bringing out the best in people.

Joycine has also served as the Director of the Teenage Mother’s Ministry at Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church, in Pompano Beach.  Currently she is a member of the Expressions of Hope Ministry, which focuses on prevention and healing from sexual abuse.    She has also donated her time and talent to models that participated in public service announcements addressing the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Joycine attended Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia, and has completed both the Cosmetology curriculum, and Advanced Training Program at Dudley’s Cosmetology University in Kernersville, North Carolina.

She currently resides in Palm Beach, Florida with her husband, Cyril, and has two children, Ashley and Jordan, along with two grandchildren Ashton, and Zoe.

Email: joycine@traveltodogood.com

William Byers : Executive Producer of Videography Services

William Byers

Executive Producer of Videography Services

William N. Byers, Jr., internationally known videographer, film maker and owner of Explorers Studios Inc. a production company based in Southern California. William has directed and produced hundreds of corporate videos and documentaries. His special talent is bringing his travel stories from around the world to life by capturing the smallest detail.  

One of his latest projects, Walking Tall: The Life and Wife of Walt Walker, was nominated for Best Short Documentary in the 2008 Pan African Film and Arts Festival. His other recent projects include, How to Celebrate the African American Holiday Kwanzaa: A Teacher’s Guide and Connecting the Dots featuring George C. Fraser.

In a new partnership, Orange County Black Chamber Education Foundation and Explorer Studios, Inc. has agreed to produce a minimum of 16 episodes (bi-weekly airing) of the ground-breaking new TV series, Colorful OC for broadcast on PBS.

Email: william@traveltodogood.com

Heather Trimmer : Staff Photographer

Heather Trimmer

Staff Photographer

Heather Trimmer is a travel expert and self-taught photographer who was born in Columbus, Ohio. She has spent the last fifteen years between Southern California and Raleigh, North Carolina.  Heather has traveled the world capturing images through her eye, and is thrilled to now have this opportunity to combine both of her passions in working with the Affinity Travel Group and Travel to do Good. 

Over the past 20 years her work has ranged from contemporary wedding photos, head shots, and portraits, to art books and travel photojournalism.  Her work has been shown in local restaurants and galleries in the Raleigh area, as well as in various locales in Southern California. She is currently working on a photography book that follows several robots as they explore the world and fall in love. One of the photos is her robot series is currently for sale through Urban Outfitters.

“I don’t set out to produce a photograph about one subject or another. I am never without my camera in hand, so I am constantly capturing moments of life as they occur. I have volumes of these moments, some of which just remain as a record of a moment, others of which have been developed into series or more complete ideas as stories unfold. Photography is my language – the way I experience the world, the way I tell untold stories – sometimes my own story, and sometimes the story of another person or place. I am drawn to vibrant color and the quality of natural light, pattern and shadows.”

Email: heather@traveltodogood.com

Sherie Parker : Director of Marketing

Sherie Parker

Director of Marketing

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Steven Parker : Director of Logistics

Steven Parker

Director of Logistics

Email: steven@traveltodogood.com

Nadun Peushan : Director of Digital Marketing

Nadun Peushan

Director of Digital Marketing