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Teams to do Good – Corporate Team Building and Volunteer Programs

Businesses that do good….do well !

OUR SERVICES - Corporate Volunteer ProgramsUnite your employees through a common goal of service. Teams to do good increases employee morale through customized volunteer activities that foster team work and camaraderie.  Increase productivity and overall customer service by infusing the “power of giving.”  Additionally, it can help to build brand awareness and customer loyalty.  It just makes good business sense!


Our experienced facilitators can lead your group through a volunteer program that embraces the fundamental principles of giving and receiving, teamwork, inclusion and cooperation.

Team Building Programs can be organized around the following

  • Leadership and Development Training
  • Employee Enrichment
  • Retreats
  • Service Learning Programs

Travel to do good programs are also great for team building exercises and training. 

The Benefits of Volunteerism

–       Personal and professional enrichment

–       Promotes teamwork

–       Ties into corporate and social responsibility practices

–       Shared Learning Experiences

–       Cultural Immersion

–       Promotes diversity and inclusion

–       Opportunity to transfer skills, knowledge and resources

–       Increased social awareness

–       Connection to a global community

–       Can inspires long term activism

–       Sense of accomplishment

Volunteer corporate


Our Services

–       Needs Assessment

–       Program Consultation

–       Travel Planning and Logistics

–       Customized Volunteer Program  Development and Implementation

–       Coordination of all Speakers, Facilitators and Trainers

–       Post Activity Social Media and PR Outreach


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