Living Abroad in Asia – Keeping Kids Culturally Connected

Meet Akofa Wallace, our newest travel blog contributor.  A native of Ghana, she now lives abroad in Asia
Her blog, Emefa’s Asia is the go-to resource for Black people living, working and visiting Asia

Keen traveler and mom-of-two, Akofa Wallace is the founder and editor of brand new blog, Inspired by her positive experiences in Asia and realizing the growing numbers of Black people she encountered on her travels, Akofa created Emefa’s Asia – a site that aims to meet the needs of a unique race and offer real insights into life as a Black person in Asia.   
“Times are changing, and Black people from all corners of the globe are exploring and embracing travel and lifestyle opportunities we once didn’t consider open to us” explains Akofa. “Thankfully, most people I have encountered on the four continents I’ve been lucky enough to have visited so far, are welcoming. Asia included.” 

Akofa currently lives in Vietnam, but spent time in Bangladesh before that. In addition, she’s visited Bhutan, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Singapore and Thailand. 

Keeping Kids Culturally Connected

By Akofa Wallace

Living in a country that is not your own serves up a myriad of emotions and challenges you may otherwise not have experienced. Suddenly you are confronted with possible contradictions to your own beliefs and norms, causing you to question so much of what you took for granted before. Live outside of your home country long enough, and what once seemed familiar now becomes foreign. Including the people you so easily related to not too long ago. It’s a confusing conundrum to be in. And I’m speaking as a fully fledged adult who’s been privileged enough to live in different countries all my life.

As a mother of two teenagers who are now growing up in countries that are also not their own, I do have some personal experience to fall back on while I steer them successfully to develop their own identity, whatever that may look like.

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