Going to the Market – A Colorful Experience in Suriname

The Suriname market is an interesting experience.  It is a blending of fresh locally grown vegetables and meats.  Because Suriname is such a melting pot,  Asia, Indonesia, the Africa diaspora, India and Europe play a huge role in the type of cuisine area.  Never once did I have a bad meal Everything is bold and […]


Discover the Undiscovered in Suriname – My Trek to Brownsberg

When I told people my latest travel adventure would take me to Suriname, they wanted to know…. where was Suriname? and why was I going there??  To be very honest my answer was quite simply “waroom neit”……. which in Dutch, when translated to English simply means why not?  After all I had been living in […]


Living Abroad in Asia – Keeping Kids Culturally Connected

Meet Akofa Wallace, our newest travel blog contributor.  A native of Ghana, she now lives abroad in Asia Her blog, Emefa’s Asia is the go-to resource for Black people living, working and visiting Asia Keen traveler and mom-of-two, Akofa Wallace is the founder and editor of brand new blog, www.emefasasia.wordpress.com. Inspired by her positive experiences […]


Nicaragua Voluntourism


Once again I am on the road and very excited to explore Nicaragua voluntourism opportunities Two years ago while on a family vacation, I had the opportunity to visit Managua, Esteli, Leon and Corn Island.  I found Nicaragua to be an affordable destination where the people were warm and friendly.  The destination also offered something […]


Studying abroad could give you an edge in the job market www.cnn.com

First lady promotes international travel

Volunteer travel can lead to international travel and international travel can lead to studying abroad. Find out how how, the passport can become the new resume… CNN Editor’s note: First lady Michelle Obama took CNN iReporters’ questions about studying abroad. You can see the questions people asked her here. (CNN) — When Ashley Blackmon sat down for her job interview […]